3 Tips to Help You Save When Buying Organic

Yes, eating organics can be affordable!

Buying organic helps reduce your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals but can sometimes be thought ‘too expensive’. The slightly higher price point is partly to do with limited supply and partly because organic farming practices are just more expensive. Luckily, if done the right way, organics can also be affordable.

Here are 3 tips to help you save when buying organic:

1) Buy Produce in Season
In general, supply vs demand is what drives up or down prices, this has a greater impact on Organics as it’s much more difficult to grow produce out of season. The price gap between organic and non-organic is much smaller when the produce is in season, luckily the flavour peak is right around the time of the supply peak. Buy in bulk. Many products are sold at a discounted rate when they are purchased in bulk. Buy more organic and save!

2) Eat at Home
Eating out is a great treat, but the costs can add up. Cooking at home helps to keep your budget in check and encourage you to explore the range of possibilities that exist using organic ingredients. Keep it simple, healthy and in season.

3) Choose Your Battles
To get the most benefit for your organic $$, try buying organic versions of the products your family uses the most. For example, if your family drinks 4L of milk a week then it’s best to choose milk over, say, peanut butter. And if you have to choose, put fruit and vegetables on the top of your list.

Buying organic will not only help reduce your exposure to harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, but also support a system of agricultural management that is great for the planet.

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