Do I Need To Wash My Organic Fresh Produce?

Absolutely Yes! ⁠
Even when you purchase organic produce, it is important to thoroughly wash them before consumption.⁠

Organic produce was grown and harvested without the use of any pesticides, wax, and other substances that are potentially detrimental to our health. No produce is immune to bacterial contamination that can happen either in the field or during handling and transportation. ⁠

When using non-organic produce, wash it even more thoroughly as some of the pesticides present in and on the food can be slightly reduced with a significant rinse. We recommend washing with Absolute Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and we think it really makes a difference! And don’t worry, your fruit won’t smell or taste like vinegar afterward.⁠

Food Safety Australia recommends:⁠

• Clean and sanitise the sink and any other food contact surfaces/utensils to be used.⁠
• Wash your hands using the correct hand washing method (for 20 seconds with water and soap).⁠
• Cut away any damaged or bruised areas on the fruit or vegetables before handling or preparing.⁠
• Rinse the produce thoroughly with plain running water before peeling, or we recommend a mix of 3 parts ACV⁠ + 1 part water. ⁠
• If needed, use a clean vegetable brush to scrub the rind of firm produce, such as melons.⁠
• Dry the produce with a paper towel.⁠
• Place peeled or cut fruits and vegetables on a separate clean plate or container to prevent them from becoming cross-contaminated.⁠
• Clean and sanitise the sink and any other food contact surfaces/utensils used.⁠

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