What the Organic Certification means?

Sourced from @australianorganic

Organic standards and definitions began from what was known originally as ‘Natural Farming Methods’. The development of organic standards over the last 30 years has been based on what consumer expectations are of ‘organic’:
• No use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and harmful chemicals
• Animal welfare protection
• No use of antibiotics or genetically modified organisms

By looking for a certification logo on a product you can trust that the product is certified. This tick of approval means the product has been put through a rigorous process of certification and has met all of the requirements.

Australian Organic Limited (AOL) trusted certification partners routinely and randomly audits and tests businesses and products that use our Bud logo. AOL’s Bud logo is an Australian Government approved certification logo. Products wearing the Bud logo must follow the requirements and regulations set out in the certification rules. ⠀

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