Healthy Sweetener Alternatives

Seeking a healthier alternative for your sweet treats? We’ve created a little 101 on some of our favourite and ‘better for you’ sweeteners to the standard table sugar ⁠

Absolute Organic Brown Rice Syrup – Made from, yup you guessed it! It is made by fermenting brown rice, breaking the starches and then reducing it to reach a syrup-like consistency. We love this one for… topping our pancakes!⁠

Absolute Organic Agave – Derived from the Agave Cactus, this liquid sweetener tastes similar to honey. Whilst it isn’t as antioxidant abundant as honey, it is much sweeter than sugar – so you never need as much!⁠
We love this one for… sweetening cold drinks and baking!⁠

Absolute Organic Maple Syrup – From the sap of the great Maple Tree is where this sweetener is born. High in antioxidants from the maple tree and low on the GI index, this one has a rich flavour and tastes just delicious.⁠
We love this one for… banana breads and waffles YUM!⁠

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