Chocolate Orange Marble Cake recipe

Chocolate Orange Marble Cake

We’ve got a sweet tooth this weekend and have created this delicious Chocolate Orange marble cake… made with our Absolute Organic cacao powder, you’ll absolutely want to give this one a try!⁠

Maple Popcorn

Movie night anyone? Why not try this super easy Maple popping corn recipe for a delicious sweet treat?⁠

Coconut Flour Hotcakes

Try these Organic Coconut Flour delights, top with your favourite organic berries, pumpkin seeds and chopped hazelnuts.. Yum!

Gluten-Free Hazelnut & Almond Bread

Why not give our Gluten-Free Hazelnut & Almond Bread a go? It’s super easy, mega delicious and loaded with good for your gut ingredients.

Creamy Berry & Quinoa Porridge

Deliciously Creamy Berry & Quinoa Porridge is one of our favourite ways to warm up in the morning⁠!⁠

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Winter warmers with a chipotle kick… Try our baked Enchilada tonight!⁠ The whole family will love them!⁠

Classic Hummus

Looking for that perfect accompaniment to your Friday evening cocktail? Why not whip up a deliciously creamy batch of organic hummus?⁠

Sesame-Miso Broccoli

Probably our favourite side dish to accompany any meal, has to be our Sesame-Miso broccoli 😋⁠

Hearty Soup

Deliciously healthy winter warmers are even better when they’re super simple to whip up.⁠

Cacao Brownie Bites

Plant-Based Tacos

Ideal for those of you looking to load up on more plant-based meal options. This Absolute Organic walnut and organic mushroom mince is super easy and you’ll never know the difference!⁠

Pumpkin Dip ⁠

This pumpkin dip is a delicious alternative to hummus if you would like to make something flavoursome and a bit unexpected. Perfect served with fritters, arancini balls or popcorn chicken. ⁠

You know those fritters you can prepare with your eyes closed? So here goes a tip to improve your recipe! Add some Absolute Organic Bean Sprouts to add a boost of nutrients and an irresistible crunchiness. Here goes our tested and approved recipe. The Absolute Organic products you will need for this recipe are: Extra…

Maple Glazed Trail Mix

Do not underestimate this recipe by its simplicity. It is easy to make with few ingredients, but the result is such a delicious treat that is so worth trying!  The Absolute Organic products you will need for this recipe are:

Savoury Cheesecake

This recipe is a must!  Perfect for Christmas with its green and red colours and its delicious cheesy taste and creamy texture. We’ve made the topping with our favourite crunchy kale, roasted cherry tomatoes and shallots, but you can vary the topping with your favourite roasted vegetables as you wish. The Absolute Organic products you…

Coconut Santa Berries

How cute are these Coconut Santa Berries? 😍 This recipe is delicious, nutritious and perfect to decorate your Christmas table. You can also have it to encourage kids to eat fruit on Christmas feast, and invite them to help you with the preparation. It’s a win win!  The Absolute Organic products you will need for…

Christmas Wreath Salad

Have you ever made a Christmas Salad Wreath? 😍 So this is the year for you to surprise your loved ones! 🎄  Our recipe is delicious and easy to make, but remember that you can use the same concept to create numerous combinations using your favourite leaves and toppings – slide for more references. The…

Ginger & Fruit Christmas Cake

Christmas is just around the corner – Yey!!! 🎅🎄🎁 We cannot wait to enjoy the deliciousness of a Christmas banquet! 😋 For this year’s celebration we will bring you a few recipes to decorate your table and please your taste buds.   The first one is this Ginger & Dried fruit cake which looks and tastes…

Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake with Berries

This recipe turns out delicious! We are calling it cheesecake because it has a very similar texture to the original recipe, but this version is dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free, and does not need to be baked either – impressive we know! The secret for the base is to blend it as much as possible until…

Oil Free Organic Kale Chips

To understand the level of crunchiness of these chips of kale, the only way is to make them – and you are sure not to regret! These chips taste amazing, and they are so healthy that is hard to believe. Our recipe needs only 2 ingredients and the entire preparation and cooking take less than…

Apple Chips

These Apple Chips are perfect for an evening snack, especially if you finish dinner craving for something a little sweet. No sugar, no oil, oven-baked and deliciously crispy and tasty. This will be your next favourite snack, and the best is that they are really, really healthy!