6 Good Foods For Men

Looking to stay in shape and enjoy a healthier lifestyle? Then you need to check out the top 6 good foods for men!

There are enough men’s health problems without adding to them by eating poorly. By living a healthy lifestyle and eating good food, your mind, body, and spirit will be better prepared to face any health issues, if they arise. Below are the top 6 good foods for men and why you should be eating more of them.


Oysters – Oysters are fantastic for many more reasons than as a natural aphrodisiac! Oysters are very high in zinc, something which the body doesn’t produce naturally. Zinc is an important micro-nutrient in prostate health and helps with fertility. Men should have 11mg of zinc daily.

Walnuts – If you’re looking for omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, then walnuts are your new best friends! These super nutrients help with brain health, fighting off depression and boosting cognitive function. With as little as ¼ of a cup of walnuts, you’ll be helping prevent mental health problems and warding off the effects of aging.

Berries – Are full of amazing antioxidants. They help to slow down the aging process thereby slowing down the decline in brain function. Eating berries everyday as a snack, sprinkled on your breakfast or in a smoothie will help you in the direction of staying youthful inside and out!

Dark Green Leafy Veggies – Another great food packed with antioxidants. They help protect from inflammation in joints associated with arthritis and heart disease. Eating green veggies with salmon is a perfect combination of healthy nutrients. Together, they pack a combating punch! You can also add leafy greens to smoothies.

Protein – A great big grass-fed steak is okay every once in a while, but try to stick to lean meats like chicken and fish. Foods like beans and nuts which are high in protein, and whole grains, are also great for men’s health.

Wild Salmon – Wild salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, vitamin D and vitamin B12. These all help with the heart, brain and nervous system. Try to avoid farmed fish and stick to the naturally caught wild salmon. Fish and chips may be a nice treat, but choose steamed or grilled fish to your diet instead of deep fried or battered.

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