What is Certified Organic?

If you’re wondering what Certified Organic is all about, then wonder no more!

If you’re new to buying and eating organic, then you may be wondering what certified organic is, what does it mean to be certified organic and how do you know you’re choosing products that are indeed certified organic?

The Australian Certified Organic logo represents everything good about organic foods and products and provides consumers with the reassurances that what they’re buying has been strictly tested and evaluated. The Certified Organic logo assures you that the food is free range, cruelty-free, non-GM, pasture fed, biodiversity friendly, socially responsible, sustainably fished, and grown 100% free from synthetic herbicides, hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Organic foods are becoming increasingly popular around Australia, and the world, which is why we have the Certified Organic logo. It’s important to consumers to know and understand that they’re getting a product that lives up to its claims of being 100% organic. You can shop and eat a little easier knowing if you buy products with the Certified Organic logo, they are truly certified organic.

These days eating organic food is a health and lifestyle choice many people are choosing. When you’re looking for organic food, the Certified Organic logo will help you to identify which foods really are organic, and which aren’t. The organic food section is growing rapidly around the country, with many more stores including dedicated organic food sections. If you’re unsure whether a product is organic or not, then look for the Australian Certified Organic logo on the packaging.


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