This year dedicate time for self-care

We’ve put together a few tips so you can be sure to spend the best quality time with that person that matters the most: YOU! 


Pause for a moment

Inhale and exhale. With closed eyes, practice feeling your emotions and your body. Get outside in the daylight. Look at the sky. Surround yourself with nature. Try something new. Eat well. Practice mindfulness and/or meditation. Be in the moment. 💗 


Start a Gratitude Journal 📝

Now is the best time to start your gratitude journal, in this way you can keep a diary of all you feel grateful for, both simple and special, throughout the year. Through this form of mindfulness practice, you gradually attune your thoughts to being thankful and grateful for the things you have/do/are. 🙏🙏🙏

The benefits you might get are numerous: 

✔️Lower stress levels

✔️Feel calm

✔️Gain a new perspective of what’s important to you and what really matters in your life

✔️Gain clarity of what you want to have more on your life and what you want to focus on

On the days you feel a little down, you can just read back through your gratitude journal and remember that you have great people in your life. 

How do I start?

  • To start you only need a notebook or journal and a pen! 
  • Set a personal goal to write, maybe 2-3 times per week. The text can be as simple or as descriptive as you wish, the important thing is to be personal and truthful with your feelings. 
  • This is the moment to look inwards to truly appreciate and be aware of the ‘good’ in your life, focusing on the moments, people and situations that created good feelings. 💚


Add these simple actions to your routine to help strengthen your mental health and get you ready and recharged for the year ahead.

PS: If you are really struggling with mental health, please reach out to family, friends or the team at RuOK. 💚

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