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What’s in season in October?

The lovely warm weather of October is here, encouraging us to be outside and enjoy nature.

In fruit this month, the Kensington Pride Mango shows its face. This delicious sweet and juicy fruit is perfect eaten on its own. Adding it to a smoothie is a great start to your day or using it in a fresh fruit salad takes it to another level.

Yellow and Ruby Grapefruit add themselves to the citrus selection in October. Try it fresh or cut in half with honey drizzled over it and then roasted in the oven. A delicious breakfast option.

Coming in seedless and seeded varieties, Watermelon keeps us revived on a warm Spring day.

Strawberries are still shining this month. These sweet berries are full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, helping us to stay healthy.

Hass Avocados are plentiful, loaded with good fats to help our heart health. Made into guacamole or smashed on toast, it’s delicious in any dish.

Navel oranges are still here in October, but Valencia oranges may show themselves near the end of the month as the orange varieties change over.
Still available are apples, pears, lemons, mandarins and bananas.

In vegetables, Asian greens, kale and silverbeet are all plentiful this month. Delicious in stir fries or used in a fresh leafy salad, adding a bit of difference and flavour.

Staying green, Asparagus continues to keep it interesting. With the stalks of goodness, simply sliced and lightly sauteed, keeps this vegetable delicious.

Green Beans are plentiful, fresh and firm – keeping us snapping for more.

The distinct flavour of Fennel keeps us intrigued this month. This unique vegetable is perfect eaten raw, roasted, stir fried or baked.

The beautiful coloured Italian purple garlic appears this month. Giving us a delicious flavour kick, we need to our meals.

Also available Jap pumpkin, Lebanese cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot.

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