Why are our apricots brown?

Our dried apricots are brown because they are 100% organic with no chemicals added.

Whilst regular dried apricots look bright and orange, our Absolute Organic Dried Apricots are dark-brown coloured. The reason why is because there is no sulfur dioxide added to it. Sulfur dioxide (E220-E228) are naturally occurring chemical compounds used as a preservative in dried fruit, wine, beer and some meat products to preserve its colour and extend its shelf-life.

According to the British Journal of Diseases of the Chest, when sulfur dioxide is consumed in recommended concentrations by healthy people, it might not be a dangerous substance, but its consumption was linked to asthma when ingested by sensitive subjects, and some side effects like bloating, stomach pain and digestive issues were also related. Another study published by the Oxford Academic also suggests that sulfur dioxide and its derivatives might be systemic toxic agents for the human body.

In any case, why not avoid any sorts of chemicals if you can? All Certified Organic food in Australia is not allowed to add any type of sulphur, so whenever possible just choose organic food for you and for your family and you will be sure to avoid any harmful substances.

Have you ever noticed this colour difference before?

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