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Tahinis: Hulled or Unhulled?

Do you like the idea of using tahini but are not so sure on how to use them or the differences between hulled or unhulled? 

We can start by saying that our Absolute Organic ones are both made with 100% certified organic sesame seeds only. Their consistency is smooth, deliciously nutty taste and aroma, made from fresh sesame seeds and perfect in numerous dishes! 

Both tahinis can be used in the same way, being perfect for hummus preparations, delicious as a spread on toast, salad dressings and many other recipes. 

Unhulled Tahini 

Made with the entire sesame seed, including its outer shell known as kernel. This type of tahini has a slightly darker colour with a stronger flavour and a hint of bitterness. It also provides more calcium and fibre when compared to the hulled variety. 

Hulled Tahini 

Made with hulled sesame seeds, which means without the outer shell of the sesame. This variant has a much lighter flavour and texture with a hint of sweetness. It is recommended for sweeter recipes or for those who do not enjoy the bitterness of the unhulled variety. Is also delicious as a spread itself or in dips and dressings recipes.

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