Nature’s Haven

“Where we work in harmony with nature to grow great tasting organic produce”

Originally starting in Coleambally in the Southern Riverina, New South Wales, Nature’s Haven covers 140 hectares across four properties in New South Wales and 300 hectares across four properties in Far North Queensland. They grow a variety of organic produce including zucchini, squash, pumpkin, beans, corn, cucumbers and onion. With properties in two varying climates, Nature’s Haven are able to extend their range and growing seasons of their crops thereby enhancing the reliability in the market place. Nature’s Haven has been Certified Organic since 2002 and has complied with the Freshcare guidelines since 2005.

Nature’s Haven is a family run property initially run by Don Murray (who won Farmer of the Year in 2015) with Elaine Murray joining in 2006 and Brendan Murray joining in 2009. Their mission is to “promote the ‘Organic Philosophy’, encourage healthier lifestyles and protect the local environment” and aim to “produce a good, consistent quality product for as much of the growing season as possible”. They work in harmony with nature, having very little input to the growth of their crops, only supplying them with natural nutritional sources. Nature’s Haven have a strong focus on the health of their soil, where maintaining a diverse ecosystem both above and below ground is critical in their crop management. The soils are balanced to provide the crops with the needed nutrition.   One of Nature’s Haven’s aims is to maintain at least 20% of their land as native vegetation. They currently have 37% of their land dedicated to this.

Nature’s Haven’s philosophy “if you provide healthy soils, adequate water, good nutrition and a natural balanced ecosystem, plants will be in an environment where they can look after themselves” is certainly evident in the quality of the vegetables they produce.

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