How To Read Labels & Make Healthier Choices

Reading food labels is a very important and simple skill to learn.⁠

The labels will tell you exactly what is inside the product, and reading them whenever you decide to try something new will help you to make better choices.

To be sure of what you’re purchasing you need to pay attention to 2 main items:⁠

• Ingredients list: ⁠

The ingredients are listed on the labels in order from largest to smallest by weight, so if the first ingredient of a product is for example sugar, this is the ingredient with the largest amount and should therefore be avoided. Note that the allergens should be highlighted in bold for easy identification. ⁠

Another easy tip is to check if the ingredients are easy to read and you know what they are. Avoid artificial flavouring, colours, sweeteners and artificial additives, as well as ingredients that you cannot identify what they are. ⁠⁠

• Nutritional panel: ⁠

An overall rule is to prefer products with less Saturated fat, Sugar and Sodium content, and more Dietary Fibre, Protein and Unsaturated Fat. Here you can get a couple of options to compare so you can make the best choices for yourself and your family. ⁠

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