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Everything about Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates are one of our favourite products, they have a delicious sweet flavour reminiscent of caramel and a unique texture. Can you believe they are actually a FRESH FRUIT? Yes, this means that when harvested from the trees, the fruit is already ready to be eaten straight away and does not require any extra drying process!

They are perfect for snacking and even for energy/protein ball recipes. Make a date with Dates today!

Production Process

Every year, in late-August until mid-October, our Californian Medjool Dates needs to be harvested. If date palms are watered, thinned and fertilized properly, they will produce about 200-250 pounds of Medjool Dates. Trees can support 500-600 pounds of dates, but the dates would be small and not as good quality.

All of our date palms have come from offshoots – which means trees that grow next to the mother tree. We plant the offshoots of 100 female trees next to one male tree so they can be easily fertilised. When we plant our offshoots,  we plant 67 trees per acre so they have enough space to develop and grow in its large and more tasty size.

The picking team brings in the freshly harvested Medjool Dates for packing and after that, the only necessary process it to slightly airdry the fruit to reduce its outside moisture, pack it and label it. When necessary, the fruit goes to the freezer as this process extends its shelf life.

Organic x Conventional

Both organic and conventional usually have a similar taste, but when choosing the Organic variety you are sure to have a product that goes through a strict quality process and follows organic farming rules. This includes the use of only natural fertilizers, clean water, no pesticides, no herbicides and regular lab tests. The Medjool Dates are also frozen, sorted, packed and stored under high-quality standards and kept apart from any non-organic product to avoid cross-contamination.

Why is Medjool the best variety?

There are many-many-many varieties of Dates but ‘Medjool’ is considered the Rolls Royce of Dates and one of the healthiest products on the planet.
They are #1 for sizing and packing because:

• They have the best taste and texture
• They are high in 5 minerals: 1. Calcium 2. Manganese 3. Copper 4. Potassium 5. Magnesium
• Good shelf life
• Good worldwide demand

Serving suggestions & Uses

Absolute Organic Medjool Dates are perfect to help with your conquer those sweet cravings. Simply have one or 2 straight from the pack or create some recipes with it.

We particularly love this energy ball recipe, we hope you too!

Energy Balls
• 12 units of Absolute Organic Medjool Dates
• 1 cup of almond meal
• ½ cup of desiccated coconut, + ⅓ cup for coating
• ⅓ cup of coconut oil
• ⅓ cup of cacao powder
• 1 tbsp of chia seeds

1) Place Medjool Datesin a medium bowl and cover with water.
2) Stand for 1 hour (or until soft enough to remove the pith). Drain and discard seeds.
3) In a food processor, blend all ingredients together.
4) Roll tablespoons of the mixture into balls.
5) Roll the balls in desiccated coconut to coat and enjoy!

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